11 April 2009

Finally, Some Answers.

Do you wonder about the Pope, Barack Obama, the end of the world and economic collapse? From the picture, it looks like they're all interconnected. OH! And global warming? That, too. You can find out all the answers to these questions if you attend the seminar advertised on this flyer. And buy the speaker's books. And go to the speaker's church. But hey, secret knowledge doesn't come cheap, ok? I think you get lunch with the deal, too, but it comes in a paper sack with some bottled water.


  1. I hope that you all have a lovely Easter.. xoxox Kim

  2. Who knew??????? I wish I could find all of the answers in a seminar that comes with a bagged lunch and bottled water . . .

  3. I'm impressed by how the "end of the world" folks still manage a lot of street cred. Did you see the National Geographic documentary on Wayne Bent/Michael Travesser? I think it was called "Inside a Cult." The leader got everyone all whipped up in a frenzy about the end of the world (Oct 31 2006, I think) and yet still held on to everyone when nothing happened.

    I really must learn their secrets! I'm sure it would come in very handy arguing in front of a jury or something.


  4. Thanks, Kim, it was great!

    Tammy, I'm thinking some of these "answers" would be fun to listen to for about five minutes LOL!

    Allison, it would work very well for you, too, if you got to hand-pick the most gullible jury in the world. You know, 12 people and some alternates who really *need* your affirmation once in a while. They'll believe anything you say in exchange.

    I don't know that the judge or opposing attorney would be too kewl with it, though. :]


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