20 April 2009

Mealtimes for Woodjie.

Large "icon" pictures are sticky-velcroed to the kitchen wall. Hand Woodjie the "sit down" icon and tell him it's time to sit. Buckle him in and take trade for the "pray" icon. Say a short prayer. Hand him the "eat" icon and trade that for his food (be quick!). Place the "more" icon on the right side of his plate when he is nearly finished with what he's eating or drinking. He will hand it to you and ask, "Oo?" You'd better get him some more right away to reinforce this. Just take away the "more" icon and don't return it when you think he's had enough. The "help" icon pictured, I leave up for when I am working puzzles or blocks at the table with Woodjie. He can then get a choice to ask for "more" block/ puzzle piece or "help" putting things together. Woodjie's temper tantrums at the table have GREATLY, greatly decreased since implementing this system. We are even getting a little verbalization of "Oo" for more which we were not getting before. Sometimes, anyway. YOU have to say it first. :]


  1. that's great! maybe he will be talking soon! i will be praying in that direction.

  2. Hey, here's hopin'! And prayin'!

  3. That is a great system for him!


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