22 May 2009


She has her hair in her face allll the time. I had pictured, long ago, that my girl would have her hair all in little bows and ribbons. Woodjie and Rose pull out the hair elastics and chew on them. I try to keep up appearances before leaving the house and sweep her hair into a pony quickly before hopping into the van. But normally, she can be seen with her hair in her eyes, or sometimes she will brush it to the side herself and chew on the ends. Sigh.


  1. My daughter always hated hair bands and bows. She also hated hats, and still says they make her head itch. She is very happy with her long hair back in a simple, low pony tail. So much for my dream of beautiful braids and such. If Rose still chews her hair when she gets older you can google that lady who had to get a giant hair ball surgically removed from her stomach after years of eating her hair and show that to her!

  2. Gosh, I never went through that with my girls! I use those real little plastic, see thru, rubber bands that are real tiny and hard to get out by a child. I don't know if that's why. I do know if I just put a regular cloth band, she would pull it out. It is hard though to always keep up their hair and stuff. LOL. I mostly do it because I enjoy it. I made over 50 bows to match their outfits so it's fun to color coordinate them. :D

  3. Sue, thankfully, the girl thinks bonnets are cool. So if she still wears them when she is older, she'll have her own fashion statement.

    Virginia, I thought of that but then I thought we'd have some real digestive problems if Woodjie ate 'em.

  4. My youngest girl also has hair problems and she gets upset if you try to trim it.


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