29 June 2009

Awww... True Love.

"Give it a rest. The man didn't commit murder here. He's in love. Anarchic, hurtful, but seemingly true love. Governor Sanford of South Carolina had what would, under ordinary circumstances, be considered an ideal romantic relationship in the 21st century. Slow to evolve and based on proven mutual friendship and respect, it was eight years in the making... [skipping a bit of the article here]... We inhabit a strange society, indeed, when love (albeit misallocated love, excessive love) seems to elicit, of all crimes, the most vocal and violent repugnance. As soldiers and economies continue to fall around the globe, citizens at home rise to denounce ... a love relationship gone awry. A love affair that is, in many ways, a dozen times nobler than its Washington counterparts, more altruistic than the carnal flings that get pardoned every week, and greater-souled than the flirtations (with power) of many of its sneering, small-minded critics." *sniff* Awwww...


  1. I can't tell...are you being sarcastic? I don't know how to respond until I know if you are being serious...or not.

  2. The article writer lives in Paris . . . 'nuff said!

  3. Okay, that article is just gross.

  4. Bonnie, I am laughing so hard at your comment. Of course I'm being sarcastic!


    Tammy, I never noticed that! I was too hung up on the little hearts they drew in around Sanford's head!

  5. Now this *love*ly* article gives meaning to the phrase "I want to throw up."

  6. My goodness. It would be hard for me not to fly out myself and beat this lady up. Seriously. I always think, "what was the other woman thinking"? Maria knew he was a father and a husband. ARgh...

    In response to your comment on my blog. You are so funny! You always keep me laughing. :D I need to read my bible today and pray. Thanks for the reminder! It's easy to get caught up in being busy. I know it's important though so I always try.

  7. Catherine, I'm seeing you are not impressed with the True Love story. LOL

    Virginia, I think the woman's a bit of a hussy to do what she did, but 100 percent of all blame and fault for the failure of this man's marriage must rest on... this man.

    It bothers me when men give stupid excuses for adultery, and "paternalistic" blogs say you need to please your man, be submissive, blah blah blah. His fault. Not hers, not his wife's.

    HELLOOO!?? HE took an oath. The person that violates the oath is the one to blame. Always. JMO, though, I hate to differ with you twice in a day.

    We can agree he's scum, right? :]

  8. Thank you Mrs. C. I get so annoyed when a man's infidelity is somehow blamed on the wife !!! Though I was telling the Teen, men have been doing it since the beginning of time (Adam blamed Eve for the apple incident)

    Anyway, we had a prominent politician here who was openly and overtly Christian, voice openingly his opposition to homosexuality and would cry for a return to family values. He was locked up for inappropraitely touching young girls under 12. Right up to the day he was jailed, he claimed they wanted it. UGH !!!

    Once again, I wonder, is this the Devil having a go at people speaking out against things, and them falling/choosing that path,thus making them look the biggest hypocrite, or does this kind of thing just happen because Christian or not, they are human, and we can all talk the talk can't we?

    Either way, it's not a good look.

  9. I didn't catch this article, but I did see a few hailing him as "brave" for admitting to the affair. That just makes me so sick. I can't imagine the pain and hurt his wife and children are going through right now.

  10. Widdle Shamrock, if ONLY she would put out and please him more, this would NEEEEver have happened LOL. I think though, that being a Christian and having a "struggle" in an area forces it into the closet and the problem doesn't get worked on. It's amazing that things have to go on forever before someone gets caught. Then he's suddenly sorry etc. etc. and we discover he was scum all along. On the other hand, what help is really out there? And how accepting are we of people who need "help" for issues like this? Would we be ok hearing that Grandpa or Cousin Earl was going to therapy for having those feelings, and leave the kids with them that weekend?

    Allison, I agree. Though I'd like to think I would drop the scumball like a hot potato, seeing this scenario played out a million and one times on the public stage makes me wonder if there is some sort of shock/ strange dysfunction going on that makes one go on autopilot instead of making a beeline for a divorce lawyer. (NOT to judge the family... they've been through enough... just wondering why everyone seems to be "supportive" in public, at least at first.)


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