19 June 2009

Homeschooling. All Summer.

Emperor can tell you about subjects. Objects. Predicates. Interrogative, exclamatory, declarative and imperative sentences. But last week at church, he wanted to know what the "necklaces" on one woman's ears were called. Earrings, maybe? "Oh, yeah. I like your earrings."


  1. I love it!!! I call those aut-isms. The other day Pamela said about her great-grandma who died in 2005, "Great-grandma is in heaven. She's off-air."

  2. He is so cute. I love how he came up with that phrase. You have awesome kids!

  3. Hey thanks for your comment on my blog and YouTube video. My Logan has done so much better being homeschooled. Most people aren't willing to make the sacrifices to homeschool their children. They expect the schools to do what can't be done. I believe with all my heart autistic children need to be understood and loved. I don't think that's possible in the public schools. Good luck with your homeschooling adventures!


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