09 June 2009

John the Babtist

Am angle told Zechariah that he would have John. Zachariah couldn't talk till John was born. Zacharaia could not tell the people what is happening. John leaped in Elisabeth's wobm. John babtized Jesus in the water. John ate locusts and homey. He preached about the holy Gohst. He died when his head was cut off. John was Prophisied in the old testement. John was the greatest prophet ever. John babtized Jesus Crist. John died by his head cut off he died for his savior the Messiah.

by Emperor

(Do you think it needs a little revision?)


  1. Spell check, but a wonderful story.

  2. He's got the important points down, obviously! I love "he died when his head was cut off".

  3. There are always ways to improve writing. Practice, practice, practice... even if it is a little less than ideal on the spelling. Start with the love of writing, and the rest will fall into place with practice and gentle correction (maybe some red pen marks too).


  4. NO!!!!! NO!!!!!!

    Do not revise one jot! These narrations are a living record of the progress of his thoughts and ideas and abilities. There is no need to revise a narration. Composition tips can wait until high school!

    Charlotte Mason said that composition lessons are like snakes in Ireland--there are none! I could bore you with why, but only if you ask . . .


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