27 June 2009

New Stuff!

Well, I looked into getting some fidgets at the Abilitations online store. But when I put a $6 item into my cart, I realized that shipping was something like another $7.50! Ferget it. About a week later, Patrick told me about a new store near the high school that sells lots of cool things... and I had to go see it... OK. I wasn't expecting to find some of the same things I saw in the catalog there. And plenty of cute Melissa and Doug items. I'm sure they got a fairly nice profit from me, but then again, I didn't have to pay shipping. Woodjie is attached to the stretchy monkey. I got all this stuff and another ball-fidget for about $30.


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  2. WELL NOW! Would ya look at that! You can shop too! Awesome stuff, lovely and colourful and touchy/textured fun!

  3. Yup! When I have money, I can shop. :]

    I can also get spam comments in my posts! Wouldya lookit that!

    I've been thanked for sharing. I'm sure everyone reading will be checking out the links.



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