25 June 2009

Pimping Jesus.

It makes me pretty mad to read about yet another stupid politician doing stuff he shouldn't, or some crazy guy casting out demons at the Crazy Church for Crazy Christians. And through it all, the name of Jesus gets trotted out and pimped.

You heard me. They're pimping Jesus.

Now I don't mean that Jesus is "participating" here, except for the fact that He is choosing (for whatever reason) not to smite the people in question right then and there for what they're doing to His Name. It's just unholy. And it's bugging me.

Does it bug you? Have you ever seen the Name of Jesus shaken like the "moneymaker" it is to these folks before the collection plate is passed or the 800- number displayed?


  1. I posted to a prayer request site the other day. Every time I clicked "submit" the site asked me whether I was sure I did not want to donate. No. And then no again twice. THEN it reminded me that God listens better if you donate. I can't remember the language exactly, but it was very explicit: God loves you more if you donate to US. That reminds me of the old Catholic church touting the idea that you could donate and get out of purgatory early.

  2. It's awful, isn't it? And they'll use the old planting and harvest analogy to arm-twist desperate people who need answers from God. I have a feeling sometime Jesus is gonna open a can of whoop- @#$ on some of these people. And then they'll be surprised.


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