13 June 2009

Playing Civilization III

Emperor of course wants to be the Romans. But the Carthaginians have WAR ELEPHANTS and they are cool, too.

Elf thinks that wars are terrible, awful things and wants to be Sweden. This way he can be neutral and little and not fight. Yeah, that would fit his personality. Then also during the war, he will get "lotta money."

When did he learn this?

But Emperor tells him while they are setting up the hotseat game that Civ III has no Sweden. "No computer, then," he says. "I'm not fighting today."

When I play, I am always the Americans. This way I get a scout that can get all the goody huts/ free technologies faster than everyone else. I say this because I'm careful NOT to select computer opponents who would also have scouts. I play on the easiest level. I am very peaceful until I have put settlers and cities EVERYWHERE and have nowhere left to expand. I build about a million knights and station them near my border, but out of sight.

Then I contact my enemy and suddenly, after a long peaceful coexistence, demand ALL his cities, technologies and gold. When he refuses (which you know he will), I will declare war. I will conquer every last city except one. On a desert square. Then I will declare peace with my enemy and ask for right of passage. On the easy level, the computer foe will let me do this. I surround the city with troops. The other side is too devastated to ever develop the airplane. Then I am free to have a democracy, where people give me extra money for NOT having troops on our land. It's all on theirs!

"The people love you!" the computer tells me. I build a simulated castle. I get a Golden Age. I hear cheers every turn. Mmmm.


  1. You are so funny! And I love your kids. DH LOVES Civilization. He lost his CD in our big move. I guess I should get him another one, but honestly I get a bit jealous because sometimes he spends more time with the game than with me. Oh well. You go girl--you deserve a Golden Age!

  2. This game and the book A Child's History of the World got David hooked on history!

  3. Joss was really into this. Weird, I say...but then I like a very peacful existence & I never felt playing war games would exactly achieve that. :D

  4. Brittany plays Freeciv now... so, yeah, she'd be able to relate to this post quite well, me thinks [smile].



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