01 June 2009

We Love Emperor!

We've been studying the same spelling list for about two weeks. The same spelling list. Almost every day, we'd go over the spelling list. I hate the spelling list. Elf hates the spelling list. Emperor hates the spelling list. Emperor has had to put up with the spelling list because Elf keeps bombing the spelling list.

We just took a final test today and called it good. We're just done with this spelling list. Ever do that? Just say you're done. You can come back to it later... or not. You have other things to do... Well, that's my reasoning, anyway.

I had to cut Emperor's hair because it was a full inch and a half long and he hates being able to look UP and see hair! He keeps twirling it and making little scissor motions with his fingers... so I had to do it. I just knew what would happen if I didn't! He admitted to me after I was finished that he thought he'd get the scissors out soon.

So Elf is reading about Pocahantas while I'm cutting hair. I loved hearing this story about the brave young woman. She really did get a bad deal out of life. But in the story the writer is describing the "palefaces."


"Yes, you are pale... you know, you have no colour?"

"That is not true!" counters Emperor. "BLACK people have no colour. White is all the colours put together. So I have colour. Those people are wrong!"

Look out, world. Emperor is a young man "of colour." He'd make a crummy homeschool Klansman, I think. To hear some people tell it, we're trying pretty hard anyway, though.


  1. That is just GORGEOUS !!!!

    Yes,if things aren't working, we put it down and either find another way or do something different with the intention of returning.

  2. That is one smart little boy. He is right of course. White is the presence of all colors.

    I have many times done the same thing with spelling.

  3. Well then, I am about as "colored" as one can get! I kind of like thinking of it that way. Oh, and I'm all about being done with the spelling list. No need to beat that dead horse!

  4. From the mouths of babes!!!

  5. Here's one for you. Some people say I have yellow skin color. Yet, no one ever goes to the tanning salon to get yellowed.

  6. Thanks, Widdle Shamrock! I have a feeling the children will need to be able to spell words like "huge" and "pledge" someday, though.

    Just not today!

    Thanks, Zimms! I think we'll keep him. :]

    Sue, I thought that would be a fun way of looking at it. This child thinks of these things I never would have imagined.

    Lori, I think he really has hit on a spiritual truth there LOL!

    DF, that is soooo funny. My white paper yellows with age. Maybe you're just old. :p

  7. ...I just felt I had to point out that white is the presence of all colors in the light spectrum, but exactly the opposite in the paint/ink spectrum... because color we see in objects is the reflection the light that is not absorbed into the paint/ink. So, white is the "absence" of color on canvas, and black is a mix of all the colors. Just to make things more confusing [smile].



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