13 July 2009

Emperor's Chigger Bite

I told you he reacts badly to these! Poor guy. Emperor says, "I am getting a lot of chigger bites. Why does this have to happen to me? One of these chigger bites are on the blog. I am a little nervous for you to see, but still look at it, please. Mom puts cream on my chigger bites on my chigger bites and this kind of cream stops the itchiness."


  1. Hi, it is nice to see a home schooler out there. Good on ya.

    I know about chigger bites and I know about kids getting chigger bit and how much it pained me to see my little girl scratch like crazy, just like I did.

    Then I found these guys and they do have a boat load of information about chiggers and it does work.

    Give them a look for your child's sake.

    chigger bite treatment

    And they even guarantee it to work. It is well worth what they charge or I would just tell you want is.

    Good luck to you all.


  2. Ouch, that looks painful and itchy. Poor guy.

  3. Do you know that where I live we do not have chiggers. I have never seen one in my life! Your poor boy! I think you all should just move out here!

  4. My bites are not that bad, but I react poorly to insect bites too. I also seem to attract bees for some reason.

  5. Awww poor boy, I hope the cream works to stop it being so sore and itchy soon!

  6. They must think you are very tasty. Looks painful, up they clear up soon.

  7. Ahh ... We feel bad here about your bites ... perhaps you can come over one day, and we can have a bite to eat.

    -- The Chigger Family

  8. OUCH!

    And I have no idea what a chigger is, but the bite looks nasty.

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