26 July 2009

Our Curriculum: Science (Part I)

Free guides and publications from our state conservation department. Most helpful? The picture captions tell us information such as whether the tree is found in our county, and we can figure out what we are likely to see. We will be working on how to tell the different sorts of trees apart soon, and collect some leaves. Ok, so that doesn't sound like a science lab sort of standard project, and I'm not spending any money on this, but I can't say that makes it less valuable as a part of our homeschool education. Plus, I'm thinking Woodjie can use the exercise. I will put about half a tube of sunscreen on him first, though.


  1. Wow! That would not go well for us. We don't have trees here. ha ha.

  2. You have scorpions and stuff though, right? You actually might want to find out if there are free publications through YOUR conservation department and use them in homeschool. :]

  3. Ooo I wonder if we have a similar department? I shall have to investigate. It may take a little time though [mainly persuading the children that an outside activity really will be 'fun']


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