05 July 2009

Phase I PECS

In our therapy times, we had only one "communication partner." It would be the therapist during Woodjie's designated times during the week, or I would "reinforce" the PECs he would use. He can now pick the item or activity he wants out of several choices and request it using the picture. His therapists and I have mixed pictures and their order on his book in an attempt to discern whether he understands what he is asking for. Sometimes, he'll pick up a picture, pause with that "wait a minute" look on his face, put the picture back, and get the picture of the thing he really wanted the most.


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  2. Never mind. I answered my own question by reading older posts from your blog. I find your homeschool and your work with the boys, especially Woodjie (I think because I have toddlers) fascinating. What's your daily schedule like? When do you fit in time to take care of housework or laundry? I know you must be incredibly busy. I just think you are great and I love the value you place in working with your kids. All parents should be as concerned and interested!

  3. *sniff*

    Over the summer, I just pay Patrick a bit and get some schoolwork done. He is an excellent playfriend for the little kids.


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