09 July 2009

This is the frog that never ends ... it goes on and on my friend

D helped me load these pics, so I guess he gets to title the post. The four older boys and I went out to film our movie, but we got distracted. There had to have been at least a hundred LARGE tadpoles swimming about in the creek. And some frogs, too! The boys had a wonderful time wading in the creek and seeing these close-up. The script and artwork is pretty well ruined, and that's ok. We can film some other day.


  1. lol ☺ It's going to be noisy at your place when all those frogs grow up!

  2. That looks like so much fun! You are so flexible. I love it!

  3. Gulp! I like little froggies, but get a bit squeamish with the big fellas. It's all because of a childhood trauma at a church picnic when I was little involving two older boys and a big, slimy bullfrog down my back. Shudder.

    My husband would say that your boys were "playing correctly" (loosely translated from the Japanese).

  4. Ganeida, once the kids got into the water, the frogs swam away. They had a fun time trying... you'd be surprised how fast they are.

    Bonnie, I just didn't blog the part where everyone got huffy and I sent one of the big boys to the van for a bit when he broke the "no complaining" rule. Granted, it was hot and he didn't like the bugs. But I'm hot and am dealing with bugs too, so shhh.

    Sue and Lisa, the tadpoles varied from a couple inches to about 8 inches long. You bet my boys were playing correctly LOL. :]

  5. Ooohhh! I can't wait! [smile]

    Though, taking a break from production for this is totally fine to do. It just means your expectant fans have to wait longer [smile].


  6. LOL, Luke, I think you can forget about getting a break like this on your set. Sorry! :]

  7. The big tadpoles and large frog are probably bullfrogs (rana catesbeiana) because of their size and the range according to the guides published by MO Conservation Dept.

    Want to listen to them?


    There is so much colour variation it's hard to know for sure without being more of an expert on the smaller frog. Guessing Blanchard's Cricket Frog (acris crepitans blanchardi) because of where we found him, his range and size. This is more iffy. :]

  8. Thanks for the link. I listened to all the frog and toad calls.


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