01 July 2009

When You Come Over...

You might just want to say, "No, thanks!" to that lemon slice. You just prefer your lemons *without* the little chewy bite marks in the peel.


  1. Yup pretty much the same around this neck of the woods too.

  2. Some of my kids nibbled mandarins while they were still on the tree.. it looked funny when it was time to pick them! Lemons with nibbles in the peel would be just as cute.
    Thanks for the address warning this morning mate.

  3. cute photo and thanks for the warning!
    Also I wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my blog concerning my mom. Prayers are appreciated!

  4. Hey, Maddy, hope your trip was great! :]

    Chris, that would be so fun. Just save the mandarins on the upper branches for company! LOL

    Pam, I'm just in awe of your family's love for God and Christian service. You have prayers, friend.

  5. Pamela LOVES lemons too . . . she makes her own lemonade . . . a bit on the tart side . . .

  6. lol.. they seem to be enjoying those lemons huh?! :O)

    Rose's Hair looks cute!

  7. Tammy, so does G!! And he eats lemon slices as-is, too.

    Shelly, that's Rose's usual look. She keeps pulling all her pretty hair bows out. She looks like a wild girl. :]

  8. Karrots has been doing that with everything Red takes in from the garden...i guess it's a compliment to the gardener!


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