10 August 2009

Used Underwear!??

We'd been telling Emperor he'd be getting nothing but used underwear for his birthday, just to be funny. Well, of course he wouldn't believe us. He saw the Pokemon tin Nana and Grandpa got him (thanks!) and knew what it was, even though it was wrapped up in brown paper. He left the room for a minute and D and I orchestrated this joke with a Pop-Tart box and a paper bag. It's a good thing he has a sense of humour. He was laughing about the "gift" just as we were. Happy #8, Emperor!


  1. That is funny! Ha ha! I should do that with my kids at Christmas time. Put coal in their stocking. :)

  2. Ya'll (you and Jenny) are so mean! I'm shocked. That is very cute and I love the picture! Those boys look like twins! Do they make Happy Elf Homeschool t-shirts in my size? I think you should market them.

  3. Happy 8th birthday Emperor !!!

    We played a 'pass the parcel' game at our daughter's 8th birthday. The prize was a yam.

    The girl who won burst into tears and cried "You CAN'T have a vegetable for pass the parcel."

    She was theonly one who didn't find it funny. We didn't do it again...

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emperor!
    And my word don't those two boys look alike now!

  5. Big families are so much fun!!!! We did all sorts of things to each other growing up . . . too many pranks to ever forget!

    Happy Birthday, Emperor, and a very merry unbirthday to the rest of your lot!

  6. LOL Dare ya, Virginia!

    Bonnie, we had ours made up at Printfection.com. You should go there and check it out! The "make your own design" is what you want to look at. You can upload pics from your computer. That's all I did, was take a pic of the "homeschool" letters I printed. They have sizes up to 3x and down to about a 2t.

    Nikki, that is SO FUNNY! I about died laughing, but LOL, the poor kid! I'd have told her that's an old game and we were just being traditional. Then I would use an orange for each kid's party favour bag. Only think of the money I would save!

    Thanks, Chris! And yes, they do!

    Thank you, Tammy! D's birthday is coming up on Friday. It's always something. :]

  7. I thought that this was hilarious! Great joke.


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