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The Cops Stop Patrick!

Patrick wants to go on an orchestra trip to China. To do this, he must raise some $1,500 before April for his share of the expenses. He's selling "$5 off" coupons to a local car wash for $3, and so far he's raised $30. He wandered up the street to sell some more when the cops pulled up and demanded to know who he was and where he was going.

The kid was just up the street from our house. Practically in sight! We've lived in this house for 12 years, and by now you'd think everyone would know who he is. He wasn't stealing stuff, racing automobiles, or... oh... I don't know... vandalizing local churches and threatening to kill people like other kids on our street have allegedly (legal disclaimer!) done in the past. Not mentioning any names, because I'm sure those records get expunged and the perp is magically innocent legally when he turns 18, but let's just say if the cops need to come out, it probably shouldn't be to investigate Patrick.

He was selling $3 tickets. For orchestra boosters. From the local school. You know, a bonafide local fundraiser? Unlike the "send this inner-city kid to college with useless magazine subscriptions and you have no way to verify the organization" or "buy this special cleaning cloth" specials from some guy you've never seen before or even the, "Hi. Would you like a free copy of Watchtower magazine?" that we get on occasion.

I'd like to know who ratted the child out.

The officer sent him home and told him he couldn't do this. D says I need to just "let it go" and find out what licensing we'd need to purchase to get this done legally. And if this selling door-to-door thing is illegal, then it's illegal and there's no use arguing. And that I had a rather un-Christian attitude toward the (no-good dirty slime-dog, just adding that in for clarification) people who decided to call.

I'm steaming mad about it! I'm thinking under Sunshine Laws, I have a good chance of finding out who did it. D says I should just let it gooooo.

I have called various city code people and left messages at the Orchestra Boosters. Hopefully we'll get some answers soon as to what the real deal is. I am no lawyer but think that city code is on my side:

"It shall be unlawful for any person to exercise, carry on or engage in within the city for pay or profit, any of the occupations, trades, businesses, avocations or agencies, mentioned in this chapter without securing a license, and paying the license tax as provided in this chapter; provided, that, no religious, benevolent or educational society located in this city, shall be required to pay any license to conduct any kind of entertainment or to serve refreshments of any kind in any public building in this city."

I'm thinking the local public school counts. D says no, because the BOOSTERS are selling the tickets, and Patrick bought a ticket and is reselling them. Sigh. We finally got in touch with the city code officer and do you know what? She is going to talk to the legal team tomorrow about it and get this clarified.

Legal team. Clarified. Your tax dollars at work!

Now really, I understand if Patrick or anyone else starts looking in your windows and acting weird, that you'd call the cops. I've had that happen before with other strange salesguys. I've even had some lady try to open my front door before! Yes. And I've had some suspicious and sly characters about looking to convert me to become a Witness. But wow. Do you know how much money the taxpayer is going to have to spend on this stuff because some local cranky neighbour couldn't just say, "No, thank-you" to the tickets, or just not answer the door?

Oh. And she said that the city and the school district may have to get together to issue guidelines they'd both abide by. More money gone. What a waste!

Anyway, here's hoping that he can find a way to unload the rest of the tickets. What a hassle!


  1. This is ridiculous. When did a kid trying to raise funds for a school trip become an issue? Do they stop Girl Scouts too? I'd be hopping mad.

  2. I agree with Mary! This is ridiculous. What about lemonade stands? Do you need a license for those now? Its sort of sad, the state of the world we live in now. I still think you should set up a Paypal link on your blog. I would donate money for the trip! Especially if Patrick will write a blog with photos about his trip when he gets back.

  3. I'm with Mary and Bonnie! Set up a pay pal and I'll give something.

  4. Perhaps he can join forces with the 6 year olds made to stop selling lemonade...

  5. LOL I **HAVE** heard of lemonade stands getting busted. Health code, ya know. Seriously.

    Gonna have to ask D again about the paypal, but I think he's pretty adamant about Patrick doing this himself. Of course, if you want to mail me MY half of the expenses...


    I really appreciate the online support! It's been a tough go and no one seems to want to hire Patrick! Which is really sad, because he has a ton of references, has had control of my family/household for two summers when I was on bedrest/ after hernia operation. He's tutored kids. He's done yardwork for neighbours.

    But... no job yet. Prayers appreciated!

  6. Just think! All this happening and the nanny state is not yet in full swing . . .

  7. "What a hassle!" is right! Good luck with everything.

  8. Oh good grief! Give the kid a break!

  9. Man, I'd be tempted to find out who that neighbor is and Teepee their house.

  10. Reminds me of the time a kid had to shut down his lemonade stand because a restaurant owner complained. I think the restaurant must've had serious problems if the owner felt threatened by a little old lemonad stand.


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