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Thrift Store Finds.

D and I have been leaving children alone with Patrick and just going to thrift stores for fun a couple times a week. It gives Patrick a little extra money and it gives us a chance to *leave.* Everybody wins! Well, except G. G has been forced to come along on these incredibly boring excusions because we're jerks and unfair. The plus is that he can play his DS in the van to his heart's content, or he can come in and look around while we spend "hours and hours" looking at stuff.

I really should bring my camera on one of these outings. You wouldn't believe the stuff they're selling... which means you wouldn't believe the stuff people used to have in their homes until recently... Would you dress a four-year-old in a shirt with the words, "In your dreams..." on it? I might've if it had cute bears sleeping near puffy clouds or something, and not thought about the innuendo. But the glamour chick pictured on the T, complete with cleavage, and the shirt being one of those lace-up numbers... Well... What kinda sicko has "dreams" about a little kid??? I couldn't even see my way clear to donating such a thing if I received it as a gift for my child.

One really GREAT thing I found on my last trip was a pair of basketball shoes for G! Nikes, too. The pair we got seems to be an older version of this, because they don't sell the same kind any more. Product review also seems consistent, as the shoes are very heavy. I couldn't imagine running in them, but G was thrilled. They seem to be a bit more stylish than the stuff we usually buy for him at Kohl's or Wal-Mart. :] That was an outrageous $7.96, considering it's a thrift store. But ok. How often do you find really nice size 13s in decent colours and condition? So... there you go.

We also bought a pie plate that has a blueberry pie recipe and picture on it. D was surprised I spent a whole $3.48 on it. Yeah... that's not like me to spend that much. But I had been hoping to find something for pies for a long time. This is decorative, but you can bake in it as well. We made strawberry apple pie the next day in it (one can strawberry filling, mixed with one can apple). Emperor made a bit of a fuss about using the pie pan. "We're not making a blueberry pie!" he objected.

LOL. Emperor is not the most logical guy on the planet. He got Elf hesitant to use the pan as well. D came into the room later and said, "Why are you making that? That's not a blueberry pie!" Um... thanks a lot. Emperor talked to you, didn't he? No... and D also thinks that Emperor's objections to using the pie pan are perfectly logical.

Ah, well. The pie pan baked beautifully. Not a bit of pie burnt on the bottom or sides, but fully cooked. Who would get rid of a pie pan? Doesn't everyone use these almost weekly?


  1. Awesome buys! Love the pie dish.

  2. Actually, I have to side with the boys. You make a blueberry pie in the blueberry pie dish. Makes perfect sense to me. Who makes pies every week? I wish, the problem is we would eat them. Great finds--I love thrift stores too! I've only been to one here, the Salvation Army one, but I need to check out the others!

  3. Thanks, Chris!

    Bonnie, even if I made G his very own pie every day, he actually is way underweight. It would be really bad for me to eat pies all the time, though! :]

    I keep wondering where the children put all this food, because they're nowhere near round...

  4. I wish I had the metabolism of my kids then we could eat blueberry pie all the time.

    I love going to thrift stores. Yeah for the great finds on the shoes. Yikes 13!! We are still in 11's here.

  5. OooH I love thrift stores! Why didn't you invite me too?

    Those size 13 Nikes impress me. Guess you know how hard it is to find size 13 anythings, let alone snobby size 13s. Joss was wearing a size 13/14 last time I bought him shoes & absolutely nobody stocks them!

  6. We've been making pies every week! I made pumpkin pie and then pecan pie. Needless to say, I ate the pecan pie all by myself because I was in love. Everyone wanted the pumpkin pie. For thanksgiving I think I'm gonna make the pumpkin cream cheese pie. Soooooo good.

    WE love, love, love thrift stores. It seems though that some are raising their prices ridiculously high for a thrift store. The reason I'm sure is because they have half off days every other week and so then the prices will actually seem normal. But if you go on a regular day, then geesh, you pay high prices. Just seems silly to me.

  7. Amen, Lisa!

    Zimms, "still" in 11's but your children are a bit younger, too. Just wait.

    Ganeida, I was impressed, too! But sometimes you go and find *nothing.* Other days I find myself walking out with a full cart.

    Virginia, I know just what you mean. They actually have certain days where a particular colour tag (green, blue, yellow, white) is a quarter. Which is great! But paying $5 for a shirt? Unless it's brand-new brand name and I WAS going to buy it anyway? Nope.

  8. Your pie looks really delicious!

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas

  9. I'd have a hard time passing up the pie because it is pretty as well. What a great bargain! I love thrift stores and shop at them often. I have noticed the prices being a bit higher than last year. A couple of thrift stores have tagged half off sales and its not much considering the higher prices but on certain items it's still considerably a better bargain than the retail stores.


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