23 December 2009

Christmas Preparations

Getting ready for Christmas at the Mrs. C house. I'm popping a few recent photos on this post. Rose is playing with a puzzle. I've tried to get her involved with making pies, but she tried eating the pie crust mix instead. (It isn't very good, apparently, before it's cooked.) Woodjie is stirring some sugar cookie mix in the other picture, but of course he can't eat the butter and eggs that go into the mix.
Lemon pudding (which surprisingly doesn't have milk) has become the standby for him when others are having donuts, cookies or ice cream. Although I must say even before he had a diagnosed allergy, Woodjie has HATED ice cream from day one.


  1. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU... from all of us down here! Much Love.

  2. Happy Christmas! ☺ You may be up yonder while we're down under but we'll be celebrating first! lol I love the boys with the spatular. I soo remember having to share out the utensils so everyone could lick something clean. Nowadays I just pass it over to Ditz.

  3. And, we'll be celebrating second after Ganeida! Merry Christmas to everyone at Mrs. C's house from the Land of the Rising Sun. Thanks for sharing the photos. Little Rose is getting so big!

  4. Merry Christmas Mrs. C and family. We have the presents all set-up and can't wait to see the look on the kid's faces. They are still too little to understand what we are celebrating--but they do understand presents.

    Give Rose, Woodjie, Emperor, Elf, G, and Patrick big hugs from us! Hope you have a lovely day!!! Blessings--Bonnie

    PS--Olivia wore her Rosie dress again to church tonight and loved it!

  5. Merry Christmas to all!!
    Hope sends hugs

  6. Your girl's hair is really growing! She was born around the same time as my girl. :)

  7. Have a Merry Christmas. It looks like it's going to be very tasty.


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