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Wasting Money.

I know... I have more dishes than I could possibly ever use. But I saw this set at the thrift store for $7.98 and had to have it. I think it's a fair few dishes for $8 in any event. My husband demands to know why I want to buy this ugly stuff... but I just love it and think it's pretty and happy-looking. I have no idea where I will put it or if it will get broken with use. But I want to keep it out even so... I'm one of those types who will actually USE the antiques at my house, and I like to use my possessions until they break or wear out before I throw 'em away or repurpose them. :) After I got it home, I did a little research. This stuff is (apparently) handmade in Poland and some of my pieces were made before 1996, and some after. When you examine it carefully, you'll see slight variations in colour from one piece to the next and even a little variation in the shape of the pottery itself. Do you just *love* it like me, or do you also think it's ugly, or maybe just "ok?" Update: D just came in, saw that I had taken photos for the blog, and related to me that it's ok... sometimes he's made stupid purchases in the past, too. Thanks, D... I think. Grant you, he did approve of the purchase because he saw how attached I was to those "ugly" dishes. :) Yay!


  1. At first glance, I thought they were way too polka-dotty. But did you know that that color of cobalt blue against a sunny yellow makes people feel happy? True fact. I like the blue against your table, too. Cheery and fun and just...joyful. They remind me of falling snow, but I think they will work year-round. Good job!

  2. Those dishes are not ugly and I can see exactly why you like them. Very appealing patterns. Very bright, very upbeat pattern.

    I collect "flea market china" (isolated pieces) and have a penchant for WWII egg shell china, especially Homer Laughlin stuff (simple, floral patterns and gold trim). They're best known for their Fiesta Ware.

  3. I LOVE them! Anything blue and white rocks in my house! I would use them everyday. They are very happy dishes!

  4. Not my style but, then again, when was the last time I really looked at the dishes I was eating from? ...hmm...

    Okay, not entirely true. I do like to choose one of the cups I like from the mis-matched set Brittany creates from garage sale-ing [smile].


  5. I love 'em! I've been living with the same set of dishes for 19 years, and I'm ready for a change.

  6. OMG! They are just GORGEOUS! I would have bought them too!

  7. The little pic on my sidebar is what I caught my attention. I think they are wonderful! So cheery looking. I would love to find some like that.

    I can tell you that my husband wouldn't be fond of them either.

  8. Love 'em! Blue & white against wood rocks in my world!

  9. I like it as well. I like the dragonfly(?) motif around the side of the bowls and I really like the shape of the deeper bowl. I think that I would have bought them as well because they are a "smiley set" xx Kim

  10. This has nothing to do with the aesthetics of the dishes, but more with the way I think. And your husband just might agree with me. Ebay!

  11. I kind of like them. They would be cheery to serve breakfast on.
    I used to collect cobalt glass and it is still one of my favorite colors.

  12. Love 'em! I think they belong on a bright yellow table cloth.

    But, my next dishes purchase will be white Corelle.

  13. It is not wasting money at all if they had beauty to your home. And those dishes certainly do! I LOVE THEM!!!

  14. Oh, oh, OH! I love those Polish dishes. My brother used to live in Poland, and brought me a bowl very similar to that as well as a little cream pitcher. I loved them both... and broke them both. I am such a klutz! Every time I see some of those I wish I still had mine, but I'm glad I used them and enjoyed them while they lasted anyway.

    My SIL's dishes are all different colors and patterns that they brought back from Poland. They are so sunny and lovely. Enjoy them!


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