08 December 2009


FOX News

FOX News is the bastion of conservative opinion... at least according to some of my liberal friends. It features, you know, articles that conservative people like to read. Articles like this one about people going to strip clubs. Did you know that watching strippers sets a woman's mind at ease and is a great bonding experience for couples?

I mean... even when I was an extreme "liberal" and atheist, I didn't go for this stuff. By any measure, this junk is degrading to women. So how is this smutty article, complete with a pic of the author trying to look sexy while eating eyewear, conservative stuff? 'Splain it to me, Lucy.

"Even if they don't like watching" their boorish love interests fawn over wiggling silicone, the article claims, "some women would rather know what their partners are doing than be left wondering. Accompanying him to a strip club makes her feel like she’s more on top of his sexual liaisons." (Barf!)

I guess if FOX News is "conservative," that I am not ready for what the "liberals" want me to read. This stuff is icky.

People of Wal-Mart

Well, I have to say when I first saw this website I was intrigued as to why my friend enjoyed it because many of the pictures don't look all that unusual. Certainly I don't get myself all gussied up for a trip down the shampoo aisle myself. But there's a certain appeal to people watching, and this site certainly has (in addition to the usual ALL-CAPS unkind commentary) some strange folks to look at.

Do you know what really intrigues me about the website? I keep wondering about the people who shot the pictures and how they got away with it.


  1. Almost every cell phone these days have cameras. I'm sure the pictures are taken from that. People like you and me could submit pictures for the site. We would just have to point and shoot.

    To be honest, I doubt that it breaks and privacy laws, because if did the site would be down. People can pretty much take picture anywhere they want and post them anyway them anyway they want.....

  2. SAHMinIL, I meant how they "got away" without getting noticed by the person whose picture was taken! You know, fistfight, that kind of thing.

    And I'm sure you're RIGHT... it probably legally doesn't violate any privacy laws, etc. BUT I have to feel for "accidental celebrities" who are just going to Wal-Mart and had no idea that their bad photo would be seen by millions! I have no clue how some of these guys seem to be looking right at the camera and I wonder if they didn't have an idea they were being photographed...?

  3. I'm sure some of them "posse" for the camera and perhaps went to walmart dress the way the did for the cameras. Especially the one that are looking striaght at the camera and smiling.

    The others are from behind and seeing people seem to be be plugged in all the time to their phones, texting, surfing the net they most like would not have noticed that they were taking picture especially from behind or at a distance. Honestly if someone was looking at their phone would you think twice?

  4. Noooo, you're probably right! I just look at some of those pics and I just *know* I would not be brave enough to take 'em!!

  5. I know! Me too....but then again the whole thing could have been possed even if from behind! LOL I can imagine several people going to walmart with their friends and just make up stuff for the camera. Just to get the "fame" on site or to read the comments that people have to say. LOL Either way crazy people!

  6. Well, a lot of those photos seem to focus on the subject's rear, so...

  7. OH MY..I could echo your words on every single point here! I'm a big Fox political news fan, but when it comes to trashy journalism (in other areas) they definitely do their fair share.

    As far as the Walmart people site, we have a Walmart about half an hour away whose shoppers could rival anything you see on there. I also wondered how people get away with the picture taking, but it makes sense that everyone's so used to cell phones and such that they don't notice. Still, I couldn't stomach doing it myself.

  8. Allison, if I were going to photograph someone for a national website without their consent, it would definitely be a butt-picture. LOL :/

    Mykidsmom, I guess I just don't want to hear about how "conservative" this stuff is, yk? Because I was more "conservative" than that as a liberal... Though... maybe you didn't happen across the pic with the man with the huge silicone implants? Nope. Not linking. (yewh)

  9. The only place taking pictures is illegal is a place of privacy bathroom, massage therapists, doctor's office unless giving permission etc. You can take pictures of anyone, anywhere even somebody's child.

  10. I suppose, Shirley. I still think it takes a specially bold kind of person to do it. :]

  11. I felt no need to click over to the article until I read "...eating eyewear..."

    I had no choice then.

    Hilarious word picture that perfectly encapsulated the photo.



  12. Without reading the Fox News article, I think I know the reason for it. This group tends to be populated by many men who still enjoy male chauvenism. It's a male chauvenist's fantasy that women will be turned on by this sort of thing. I agree with you it is degrading.

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  13. [people who shot the pictures and how they got away with it] Those cell phone cameras come in pretty handy.


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