05 December 2009

Woodjie's Reasoning Ability

He not only matches the proper colour tile to the shape below it, he is now substituting the blue square tile where two green triangles were together for a perfect match. He loves doing this matching tile set he got for his birthday. He has a little difficulty with the fine motor (see top pic) but with a little help, he can do all the boards in this Melissa and Doug set.


  1. My son used to love pattern blocks. He'd play with them for hours when he was little. He also made battling spaceships out of them too.

  2. Wow!!!! He definitely has it going on with his visual-spatial!!!!

    Happy birthday, Woodjie!

  3. That's awesome! Yay Woodjie!

  4. Go Woodjie !!!! Isn't it wonderful watching our kids achieve these things?

    I was reading an article where there is a new philosophy out and it says that if a child is doing something that he/she is meant to be learning developmentally, we as parents should not praise them or they will always look for external affirmation/approval. The child is meant to feel self satisfaction. I must admit, I thought to myself, how can you not get excited and give praise? It's a joy to behold.

  5. I agree with Nikki--it is a joy to behold.

  6. We have a set just like that and it is so much fun to watch the little ones learn with it. Colors, shapes, counting, fine motor skills, visual-spatial, it's helpful with all these skills.

    Good job, Woodjie.


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