20 December 2009

The Zhu Zhu Pets Are HERE!

When I log onto my email account, I get *plenty* of notices about the Zhu Zhu Something Whatever Pets. They are at such and such location at 6 a.m. Be there EARLY to be sure to have your opportunity to purchase one of 50 located in each store!! GO NOW!!!

Um, we don't need pets, real or otherwise. I had no clue there were even these "Zhu Zhu" pets in existence until the constant ALL CAPS emails screamed to me about my absolute need to get them for my children. They're what every kid wants for Christmas! What kind of bad Mom would I be if my children didn't have a "perfect" Christmas with these recycled Furby-looking things?

Elf and Emperor have never heard of Zhu Zhu, but I have been asked for a pony, a goat and a horse within the last month. Oh! And a Crusader outfit. You just can't play holy war properly with the paint stirrer sticks provided by Mom and Home Depot. One *must* have the Crusader outfit to rid the world of infidels/ jab our brothers in the ribs.

I don't think I'm going to tell them about this great new Zhu Zhu "need" they have when they already are not getting the pet chickens and Robin Hood bow and arrow sets on their list. They are getting Tinkertoys, some Pokemon cards and a couple of Spongebob books I found at the thrift store. I have also bought some paint and we will repaint their room. I am hoping someday to replace the furniture as well. I have some pennies aside and hopefully D will let us get something cool sometime.

The Zhu Zhu link provided in these emails makes the "pet" look like a small rock covered in fake fur with a couple of buttons for eyes. I don't know what a kid would do with a little non-living gerbil, but then again, I remember the "pet rocks" we used to have as kids. Since we lived in the Stone Age, we thought a rock with some glue-on google eyes and a doodled smile was an awesome pet. What's really hilarious? Our parents probably paid a lot of money for them. If we were really rich, our "pet" got carried in a basket and had some Easter straw for a bed.

By the way, I'm seeing a LOT of those Billy Bass Singing Fish things in the thrift stores now. Remember how clever everyone thought they were? And how they paid $19 for 'em? They're $1.98 now, boyo, but if you go on Sunday morning, the blue tag items are a quarter and you might just glue a little fake fur and a boa on there and pass one off on Christmas morning as Zsa Zsa, Zhu Zhu's outdated if flamboyant cousin.

They would be a real hit, dahling.


  1. I HATE those silly singing fish. Someone gave the boys one one year. They left it behind when they moved out so I took the opportunity to rid myself of it. Try our local thrift shop if you want one. ☺

  2. I had a rock for a pet as a kid!
    And yes, we have those silly singing fish here too! They are tacky.. oOOPS! Hope you don't have one and adore it! lol

  3. I didn't know about the ZhuZhu pets either until about a week ago. My kids haven't asked for them and know that I won't get one anyway.

    I think the goat is a fabulous idea. It will even mow your grass and provide food for the family. Can't find that in a Zhu Zhu pet, now can ya?

  4. We cut ourselves from all programmed television last May and live in blissful ignorance of Zhu Zhu pets! I love your thrifty ways of shopping. My husband LOVED the present I bought for him for Christmas, a free (after building up credits by mailing DVDs we didn't want) two-disc DVD of Ivanhoe, courtesy of SwapaDVD.

  5. I almost got my youngest daughter one, but then she would also want all those accessoires.


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