28 January 2010

I Choose YOU!

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Wow, we have a phrase! Um, not that it's very useful unless you happen to have a Poke-ball and are starring on a TV show... but we have a phrase. Note the imaginary Poke-ball being thrown. I can now say without hesitation that ALL my boys are now obsessed with Pokemon. Still haven't heard "Mama" from the kid yet, but I guess he has his own priorities. :)


  1. He is really adorable! Glad to hear he's trying out some speech.

  2. Hey guess it all starts somewhere. Mama is next!

  3. Yay, Woodjie! I know that's music to Mom's ears, regardless of the source and inspiration.

  4. I choose you is a wonderful phrase! and of course his choice is you

    hope your wrist is feeling better

  5. Thank you, all!

    And yes, I'm feeling a little better. Still not fully well yet. :)

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  7. Awesome! I am sure he will say Mama one day mate!

  8. My baby likes to say, "da-da" but he used that term for mommy, daddy, and everything else.


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