02 January 2010

The *NEW* Room!

Before, we had a blue sky with clouds and little boys' names embellished in red balloon-y letters. But even Elfie McMelfie was ready for a change, for something new and different. Elf and Emperor decided on Arabian Sands paint from Home Depot, and we planned on painting the room and then doodling Western "brands" on the wall like wallpaper. It took me a lonnnnng time to finish, and I was pretty sore. Even D, who hates working 'round the house, touched up a few corners for me out of mercy, or just wanting it all to be over already... I hung a bulletin board for the boys' finished bead projects. When we finished and popped the beds back into place, we took a look. The boys and I (well, Woodjie, who shares this room, didn't really get any say) agreed that it would look a bit too "busy" with brands all over, so we picked out some pictures from our Picturing America packet. Elf has chosen photo of a stained glass autumn treescape, and Emperor chose The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. The pictures are reflective of their respective personalities. We also hung the flags they made during our unit on the Civil War. They love this room and slept happily last night. :)


  1. It really does look very nice!

  2. Very nice !!!

    I am most envious of your polished wooden floors also !!!

  3. It looks nice! Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to start the new year.

  4. It does look really nice.

    I need to provide Austin with a way to display all his bead projects. Right now they are in a box but it's a shame not to display some of the creative designs that can be made with them.

  5. It is a nice relaxing color. I like the way you let them display their artwork too. I also love your blinds. Are they wooden?

  6. Thanks for the compliments!

    Rose, we also used the beads as Christmas ornaments and we hung them in front of the dirty spots on my windows (LOL) before putting them up as you see here. :)

    Bronwyn, they *are* wooden blinds. Very, very dusty. I am not able to keep up with stuff like that very well anymore at all. And their ceiling... so full of webs in the popcorn ceiling... I think a fresh coat of paint brings that out.

    I need to get 'round to so many things!!

  7. Nice and clean. And your kids have bed frames. We still have not gotten frames for two of the kid's beds. Oh well. Sleeping on the flooring isn't so bad.


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