13 March 2010

Family Update


Guess what Woodjie can do? Yup. He can go potty!

Well, a little. He still wears a diaper. He still has to be assisted. He doesn't talk, so I just time about an hour and take him. Like the rest of the boys, he goes wayyyyy off to the right, so you about have to stand him sideways and hold things in place.

He loves to flush. Our water bill is pretty high now, as you can well imagine. But he doesn't understand about the poop thing. At all. I am still working on not doing the "shakeshakeshake... shakeshakeshake... shake your little weeeeener" dance too early for obvious reasons.

Was that TMI or what? I was chatting with one ol' college friend today who told me that nothing can be TMI if you've already typed it on your facebook page. He's a very funny guy. *waves at friend because I know he's reading* :)

Elf and Emperor

They're taking swimming lessons at the local community center with mostly four- and five-year-olds. They haven't noticed yet. Or they don't care. They're just there to learn how to swim and seem pretty serious about it. Emperor has a very hard time straightening his legs and kicking. I'm thinking it's the same lack of control that prevents his handwriting from being the neatest. Speaking of which...

They're typing. A little. They have learned how to use the home keys and the top QWERTY row. They tried Typer Shark and were amazed at how quickly they got eaten by the fishes. If you have AOL as we do, you can play for free by going to the "games" part of your welcome screen and searching for "Typer Shark." Their rating: chum.


Not sure what to do with this boy. He has continued to punch walls and remove his cast while his broken hand was healing. He now has a lump where the bones didn't heal right. I'm mad at the ER doctor for not casting it, at the orthopaedist for not casting it, and at G for not FOLLOWING THE STUPID INSTRUCTIONS to leave his cast on except for bathing, and to take it easy. Arrrg.

I guess his hand is as healed as it is ever going to be. It's hard to see your kids make choices that are not in their own best interests.


... is going to CHINA in June with the school orchestra. Yep. He's raised $1500, despite not having a job, by going door to door selling tickets, shovelling snow, and babysitting. Mostly babysitting. He gets $5 an hour. How many people do YOU know who can pay $5 an hour (plus $2 per poopie change) and have good, reliable care for four other children, two of whom are autistic? Oh! And said teen takes the quirks of each child into consideration. I have a good deal going on.

Music lessons are also $5 an hour. Can YOU get music lessons from a knowledgeable teenage scholar, for TWO children, for $5 an hour? Bargain time! I wish I had a big boodle of money and an extra Patrick. Then I could have childcare for the younger ones AND music lessons at the same time. No. I want three Patricks, because the third one needs to clean my house. He refuses to do toilets, though, but I guess we all have our limits. :)

Miss Pretty Pretty

Rose is still a "speech kid" for the most part because she rarely speaks and when she does, it's usually mm-MMM! (as in "no") or a one-word utterance that only people in the family understand. Still, she is learning her colours and knows two letters. She sleeps in a big bed but must have her low-ahs (stuffed flowers) and dolls and other assorted pillows in with her. She must be tucked in a certain way, too. We discovered that one night when she fell out.


  1. Mrs. C,
    Thrilled for you and Woodjie and potty training. I'm still hoping maybe someday we will get there. We have had glimpses of hope but no real understanding. :(
    Sorry G is still struggling. It is hard to see your children hurt themselves. Still praying for you!
    How wonderful that Patrick gets to go to China! What an exciting opportunity!
    Elf and Emperor sound busy. Hope swimming and typing go well!
    Rose sounds like she is a girl who knows what she thinks even if she can't put it into words. Love the low-ahs for flowers! How sweet!
    Sorry I haven't been on blogs lately! We have been sooo busy!
    Glad to see you had a post where I could catch up!

  2. Yay Woodjie. One small step for Woodjie, one giant rush of relief for Mum.

    I think it's lovely that Elf and Emperor don't realise the age difference. My boys were like that too.

    I don't know if this will help, but Celtic Dingo struggled with co ordination, and the swim teacher had me give him an exercise that helped (it's all to do with the midline etc,) He stood like a star and then would stretch down his left arm to his right toe, and then back to the original position. Then take his right hand and touch his left toe. (Hope that makes sense)

    It's hard when you have a child/teen that no matter what 'strategy' you try, nothing seems to sink in.

    Go Patrick. Congratulations and am sure he will enjoy his trip. The First Spawn went to Japan for her Japanese class a couple of years ago. She LOVED the experience.

  3. YOu have your hands full.... I know the feeling.

    Brylee and Griffin did swimming lessons too.. with much younger kids and didn't seem to mind either.

    I can so remember having to 'hold things in place' when the boys were learning to go 'potty'... ha ha that brings back some happy memories!

    What a shame about G's hand.. our Lacy broke her hand in a similar way (punching something) and she had to have a second operation two years later because it healed with a huge lump ... cos she kept punching things still! grrrrr.

    You are so lucky to have your Patrick.. he so deserves to go to China.. and I'm thrilled he is!

  4. Thank you for the update on your beautiful family! It's always nice to hear how things are going and catch up on the achievements. If you ever find three more Patricks--would you send us one, even just for a few weeks. That would be so nice!

    You are always in our thoughts and prayers! Love you--Bonnie

  5. Success in potty training is never to much info !!! Every step should be celebrated, and loudly !!

    I loved the update. ;-)

  6. Sounds like everyone is very busy.

    Michael is potty training too. He tells me he needs to go but is usually a little wet by the time we get there. But he's certainly making an effort and I'm proud of him.

  7. Enjoyed the post emmensely, thankyou very much for your comments my way, it's been greatly appreciated. This post made me laugh yet the very most important gave me insight into who you are, cheers!!!

  8. I'm so proud of them all
    well except for the cast/no cast incident, that's no so great

    Yay!! for Patrick and working so hard and getting his China money together
    what an incredible experience that will be

    hugs to all

  9. Congrats to Patrick. That is very well done indeed!

    As for the cast thing ~ one of mine did exactly the same & he's neither autistic nor the same age, just contrary & impatient. He was 22. I think it's just a boy thing. *sigh*

  10. Yay for potty training!!! I can so identify. That almost brought tears to my eyes.

    Hey, I have a great idea. Patrick sounds like the perfect baby-sitter for my family. Can he stop by our place on his way back from China and baby-sit for a couple of weeks?! Months? :o)


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