05 March 2010

It's a BOY!

Emperor peeled this from a cutie. Elf thinks that it will sell on eBay for at least $11,000. Emperor says he should get alll the money. I told him no, since I'll be paying the taxes on it, I'll be getting some as well. Emperor kindly offered me $4,200 of the total sum. Elf has been dancing about because this means he'll have enough for a Nintendo DS!! YAYYY! "Oh, wait!" he said. "TITHE! The pastor will have enough for a DS, too!"


  1. I guess congratulations are in order? lol Cute!

  2. That's sure some boy there...


    But perhaps eBay buyers are into large phallic orange peels... [smile]


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  4. Thanks, Mom4Kids!

    Luke, how much is your opening bid??

  5. Emperor, nice start...but keep a sharp eye on the potato chips and grilled cheeses. That's where Mary hangs out, evidently.

  6. Lol, never a dull moment is there?

  7. LOL and corn flakes, Allison! :)

    Rose, I could use a few dull moments... :)


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