18 March 2010

Please Leave the Store

If you're in Wal-Mart and like declare to your appreciation for big butts (and you cannot lie), there's a whole section on youtube made by people just like you, baybee. Now somehow, it's "news" that Wal-Mart corporation is "shocked" that someone would use the intercom system to make a racist announcement and is covering its big butt with a bunch of legalese regrets. And it's so tragic that the county offers offended customers grief counselling. I can't believe in all seriousness that anyone *really* imagined an "all black people, leave the store now" quip was a genuine announcement from the management... though... not being there, I couldn't tell you. My question is, given the fact that these youtube videos are widely established, why didn't stores take action to *prevent* announcements like this from being made in the first place?


  1. I think it was obviously a prank, probably by some bored kid than a Walmart employee. Several customers actually called 911 because they were offended! Inappropriate use of a PA system hardly warrants similarly inappropriate use of 911. Obviously, racism is disgusting and despicable, but...come on. Not seeing how this qualifies as a "bias crime" that warrants diverting police resources away from that county's many violent or drug-related crimes.

  2. Why on earth aren't these phones placed inside plexi-glass lock boxes?

    That said, other than offering a general apology, there's really nothing that can be done here and those people who actually got upset over this probably need to take a chill pill.

  3. I'd be offended by the comment, but not to the point where I'd need counselling and all that. I do have to wonder why it took W-M five minutes to say something along the lines of, "That was obviously not an official Wal-Mart announcement and we welcome all our customers," though.

    Hardly the big-city crime they should be investigating, though.


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