26 April 2010

Miss Pretty Pretty Palace

We spent about $5 at the thrift store for this house. It had the furniture you see here included. Most of the time, Rose will use the old Playskool people (you know, the ones they don't make any more) and their furniture for the house. We have tables, chairs and even suitcases in our collection. A small Tigger and Toy Story alien are also in this bin, along with a SuperMario car that Woodjie likes to run through the front door with "Rrrr" sound. Woodjie and Rose have some disagreements as to "proper use of grand entryway" in their pristine Victorian home.


  1. I love it! Every princess needs a palace. What a great thrift store find! I found a great red suede winter jacket the other day for $8!

  2. Dollhouses are such a good toy to prompt a child's imagination and thinking. I used to mix different brands and ages of toys myself as a child. Our children did the same. I think brand loyalty is taught. ;)


  3. Five Bucks?!?!?

    Dude - you don't want to know what I paid to get one for my daughter last Christmas. Heck, now I wish I didn't know how much I paid...

    Last weekend I scored 10 (TEN!) pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, and a jean jacket for my son at my local thrift store. But I think this dollhouse is an even better score. Way to go!

  4. Woot! What a fab bargain!
    And doesn't everyone drive their cars through the grand entryway of their house...?

  5. Miss Pretty Pretty thanks you, I thank you, and most assuredly the "OOO Aliens" thank you!

    -- D

  6. have you seen 3-2-1 penguins? that's the name of the little girl's doll, "miss pretty pretty"


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