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Stop the Sag!

"If we raise our pants, we raise our image." Hmm... I'm watching this video and I'm not sure what to think. I'm no fan of the saggy pants thing. My sons wear their pants without belts and if you were to lift their shirts, you might get an eyeful. (Not as much of an eyeful as the men in this video are displaying!) But I'm not afraid that "the city, the country, the globe is watching this." I think it's just teen foolishness. Further, I remember well 30 years ago that people with tattoos were generally ex-cons and lowlife-type people. And that really isn't true any more *at all*. **************************************** ********** ************** ******* ***** * * * I had never thought of the saggy pants thing as just a "black" thing, but more of a lower-class thing or a regional preference. And I don't see the racial stereotype thing in the pants. The silly walk and lack of consonant enunciation, perhaps. Mayyybe. But I've seen plenty of white people who can't speak well, and hey! I have a kiddo here who doesn't talk at all. I'd be thrilled if little Woodjie were able to say "'Sup yo?" to me. It would be a start! *************** ********* ******** ******** ***************************************** ************** ************* *** ** *Put it this way: What if inner-city black folks were earning lots of money and were the most respected people in our country, and it was the suburban whites as a group who were not doing well in the society? Bet you moms would be pulling their kids' pants DOWN before they left the front door, and making sure they're practicing "the walk" with the hired tutors after school. Just saying. *shrug* I don't think it's "racist" or promoting stereotypes at all, this baggy/ saggy pants thing, and as long as they're wearing underwear underneath, I reason things could be a whole lot worse and count my blessings. What do you think?? I want to know.


  1. I hate the whole tats thing. Just gross. But the pants, as you say, is just teen foolishness. *How* do they walk with them hung so low?

  2. I never thought of baggy pants as a racial thing. More of a stupid teenager thing. To me they look like idiots, grabbing their crotches to keep their pants up. So. Stupid. They essentially have only one functioning hand, and it's operating their phone. Plus, I have wondered WHERE they actually buy those jeans? How do they size them? Is there some sort of caste system where you are only allowed to wear the REALLY baggy ones if you have accrued so many Cool Points? Do they really think it gives other people a thrill to see their underwear choice for the day? Are they as uncomfortable as they look?

    When I was a teenager, we all wore skin-tight acid washed jeans with gigantic hair and hi-tops with no socks. Probably looked equally stupid. What ya gonna do?

  3. I think so too that the saggy pants look makes you look lower-class. I don't like the look at all. The people who do wear their pants like that just feel bad about themeslves so they try to get attention to try to feel better. That's what I think is one of the reasons they do that.

  4. My brother and plenty of guys who aren't black have saggy pants. I get a kick out of any of them trying to do something sporty like run or shoot hoops as they seriously CAN'T since they have to spend so much time pulling their pants up. I figure the lower the pants the lower the IQ - NOT functional!

  5. I personally can't stand to see kids dressed like that. It has definitely made it's way around the world, and can I delicately say that it looks even worse on vertically challenged folks?

    He mentions in the video that it comes from prison culture, but he didn't say exactly what it signifies in prison. It's not rated "G", so I won't write it here - I think you can guess. Ick!

    I suppose there are worse things a kid can do than wear his pants low and waddle around like a penguin, but it sure doesn't impress me.

  6. I can't handle seeing saggy pants. They were in "style" when I was in college... two decades ago. I didn't find them sexy then, and they are certainly not cute now.

    My biggest problem is that the trend started in prisons because prisoners could not have belts should they decide to off themselves or someone else. So these fools (sorry, don't have a better word for it) get out of prison and keep wearing their pants beltless, and their shoes without strings... and even stupider kids say "hey" I'm gonna dress like that too.

    Now the whole country is walking around with their pants down.

    now, you've got me started.... I am going to finish my rant at my nfahm.blogspot blog


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