01 May 2010

Blue's Clues

It's the latest craze for Woodjie. We have the old VHS versions from Patrick and G's toddlerhood. "Ah-goo! Ah-goo!" he screams when Steve needs to be alerted to clues. Steve got out his notebook and drew a pig. Woodjie drew this genetically modified version on his sister's doodle board. He has a new bedspread from his dad featuring "Boo" and "Iggy-Ock," or roughly translated, "Blue" and "Tickety-Tock." Wow. He doesn't speak understandably, often or necessarily relevantly to regular conversation, so I would still classify as nonverbal or low verbal. But he's going to be verbal someday. Maybe very soon.


  1. Way to go Woodjie! Christopher LOVES Blues Clues too - only with Steve, NOT Joe. Not sure why he doesn't like Joe. Oh well. Excellent drawing - fine motor work. Woot!

    Steph and Christopher

  2. That is so exciting! Go Woodje, go!!!! :)

  3. Alright Woodjie! What wonderful progress!
    About half of Tyler's first words were from Blues Clues too. I remember a lot of loud calls of "mail time".
    So thrilled for you both!


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