13 May 2010

Going to the Doctor...

Hope it's chicken pox! That would be awesome. But it doesn't look like it to me. Any guesses? It's up on Rose's tummy and arms, back and lower legs as well.


  1. Poor little Rose! Does she have a fever? Tyler had Roseola when he was little and it looked similar but that has a fever with it too. I pray she feels better soon!

  2. Small spider bites? Change in laundry detergent/fabric softener?

  3. I think it could very well be chicken pox.

  4. She has no fever and doesn't seem sick. But the doctor doesn't think it's chicken pox.

    We haven't switched laundry detergents. We haven't done new foods. We checked her bedding.

    We're at a loss... doctor says to wait and see... though of course he wants HIS money NOW. :)

  5. My little guy had this a month ago. It was bug bites but we don't know what was biting him and no one else was being bit to this degree. Benadryl wasn't helping him and the itch factor so the doctor put him on Atarax (sp?). Helped a bunch.

    I hope your little Rose is better soon!

  6. Not chicken pox.
    Looks like bites....


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