04 May 2010

A Guest Post by Rose

Dear Faithful Readers,

My grandfather has brought it to my attention that there is some weird kid impersonating me. Don't be fooled. I'm in the top picture wearing my super-soft "Disney Princess" fleece shirt and she is wearing the wannabe "yodelling in Switzerland" getup in the lower picture with her Nana. Check out the cap and the embroidery on the jacket! Who put all that stuff on the poor kid and then photographed her? I mean, my parents love me so much that they would never allow an unflattering pic of me to be taken. And thankfully in these modern times, I have parents who would never post embarrassing photos of me pouting on the internet, either.


  1. You are adorable 'Rose'... well done on your first post on Mummy's blog!

  2. What an adorable little pout. :-)


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