15 May 2010

Long-Haired Hippie Freak!

Emperor has been begging me to cut his hair for a long time. It is entirely too long because he can see his hair when he looks up! He twirls his bangs in his pencil. He curls the hair on the back of his head with his fingers. It's just too long. It's bothering him. I've been calling him my "long-haired hippie freak" in jest. I have another child whose hair is much longer and he's resisting the Fantastic Mom's special of the week. Emperor would really, really like a haircut. About 25 times a day, I have to hear about how his hair is too long. And it's bothering him. Finally, I told him that we would measure his hair and blog about it. It is about an inch and a half long at its longest point, I told him. "So does that mean you'll cut it now?" Emperor wants to know.


  1. It's summer! Time for a buzz cut. :)

  2. When I was about Emperor's age, one of my uncles used to cut all our hair. One time he came over, got me set up in the chair, then got called downstairs by my dad. Since we were "all ready to go", and I had seen him use the clippers before, I figured "Hey, why wait? I can do this."

    Of course there wasn't any spacer on the clippers, and by the time my uncle and dad came up the stairs, I had executed a perfectly buzzed path down the middle of my head. There was no choice, but to get my first buzz cut.

    I agree with Claire. Go for the Buzz cut. You both might appreciate it.


  3. i'm with them! buzz cut! then you won't have to hear about it for a long time! lol!

  4. Send that child over to my house. I do all the haircuts. Poor baby. He definitely needs a buzz or some pony tails. ;-)

  5. So... have you cut it yet then???


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