20 June 2010

It's That Time of Year Again...

Wasps LOVE this window and come year after year. There is no way to get up into the window from outdoors; it's three floors up. From inside, there's no way to get up in there without dis-assembling the entire window (so I never, never clean INSIDE the windows; deal with it). Elf and Emperor like to take turns standing on chairs near the window so that they can see what the wasps are doing and how they live. The happy cry of, "LOOK! They're having more babies!" brought D over to the window in a hurry. He started tapping on the glass violently, disturbing their family life and I tried to appeal to his sense of empathy by telling him he was ruining their peaceful Father's Day. "Good!" he said. He had us tap on the glass to anger them and draw them outside where he would be waiting with the sprayer. Of course, he didn't get them all. He's mad. He comes by and bangs on the window about every three minutes and speaks some not-blessing sorts of words over their lives. Oh... as I was wrapping up this post I had to take that back. The downstairs toilet is full AND broken, so he is off to the hardware store to get the parts he needs to fix it and some more poison spray. For some reason, he wants to go on this trip alone. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, D!! :)


  1. Our wasps are much more considerate. They build their nest in the front porch awning, much easier to get at than a third story window. On the other hand, if there are just a few hanging around, we just ignore them. We're used to having them around . . . as long as there aren't too many of them.

  2. I would be using some 'not so blessing' words on them too! Wasps are horrid.
    A blocked loo... yikes.. hope Mr D managed to fix it!

  3. Poor D. A Father's work is never done. Hope the toilet is fixed! Maybe you can do a homsechool lesson on wasps since you have a colony under glass. BTW--our kitchen and dining room windows are up two stories with no way to reach them from the outside. They don't get cleaned either.

  4. What sort of wasps are they? Their nest looks very interesting. We have awful black and yellow European wasps here that were introduced accidentally in the 70s I kill those nasty creatures on sight.
    But we also have some lovely native wasps that build intricate clay nests, Some of them catch and paralyze spiders and wall them up inside a clay chamber so that the baby wasps hatch to a meal.

  5. Hey, it's time for nature study!


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