26 June 2010

Summer Break!

That's right! I'm giving Elf and Emperor A WHOLE WEEK OFF to do whatever they want! After their mathematics is done. :)

School starts again on July 1 and follows a relaxed summer schedule. We'll start only some of our regular subjects. This includes our learning about Ancient Egypt. Later in the year, we'll do Rome and Greece. I have borrowed several books from the library and movies, too. Since I'm an HSLDA member and renewed for two years instead of one, I got the Drive Thru History DVD on Greece and Rome for free! Wa-hoo!

Patrick hasn't been doing much for his summer. He is now able to have a friend over every now and then. We had not been able to do this for quite some time.

Elf and Emperor got some crazy idea into their head, and now they are quite insistent that they are putting on a "circus" next Wednesday. I've seen their practices, and I can tell you that most people would ask for their money back. The acts consist of the children banging tamourines and various wooden instruments and screaming for the "music" portion. Then there is a puppet show. They changed Emperor's stuffed bunny's name from Jefferson, after our third president, to "Evil Experiment" so that they can scientifically test products on the poor rabbit for our amusement. It's sort of a Tom and Jerry-type slapstick, but still.

And they want popcorn. I keep wondering where they got this idea, and WHY they must insist upon it happening next Wednesday. They do odd things like that. For instance, EVERY November 2nd is "Polite Day," during which extreme efforts are made to be polite. That would be fine, except for the fact that they are a little overly helpful about correcting the impoliteness of others.

Finally I told them that I would make them some popcorn for the big day. They have made little ads and posters and are hoping to charge 10 cents admission. I told them this was a great idea... I will be charging 20 cents for the popcorn.

Bwa ha haaa. Ok, I won't. They were pretty doggone indignant about that idea, though.


  1. I love that! I would pay $.10 to see it. Hope you video tape it!

  2. I love the circus! They sound like they have quite a production going on. Have fun!


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