04 June 2010

Thanks, A Noni Mouse!

Elf read my Keebler Chronicles blog post and asked me to post his comment. "This was a very funny blog post," he told me. "But I am still a Keebler Elf."

I'm using A Noni Mouse's idea of a "retirement" from the Keebler factory when Elf turns ten. I have taken a shoe box and pasted Keebler pictures all over the outsides and printed "Happy Retirement from all the elves at the KEEEEEEEBLER factory" for the top, ready for presentation on his birthday.

Inside, I have placed an ID card. It reads:

"Be it hereby known that
(Elf's Real Name Here)
is a retired Keebler Elf with all the benefits befitting retired Keebler elves; namely, promotion to Rivendell Elf status and Fifth-grade Elf status. Witness my hand and seal this 12th day of June in the year 2010 in the presence of J.R. Keebler, esq. et al.

(fake signature)
Ernie Elf"

This was placed over his picture in such a way that his face and shoulders are visible. I placed the Keebler logo from a pie crust near his head and then laminated it to make the ID card. I also put a couple packages of cookies inside the box and a note which reads:

Dear "Realname" the Elf,

We're going to miss pretending the Keeblers with you every night, but we know that you are growing older and are ready for new things. For our special goodbye gift, we wanted to be sure to give you a REAL ID card. We hope that you save it and always remember our time together.

May God bless you!

The Elves of
Keebler Elf Troop #89

Hopefully, the tiny Elf will be ok with this chapter of his life closing. I was thinking of making a fake package from the Rivendell elves, but I'm not sure what to do for that on a budget. :)


  1. Super idea! Hope he enjoys his retirement! :)

  2. That is just awesome! I may have to send him a retirement card.


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