28 July 2010

Please Welcome Emperor...

... to the wonderful world of autism. He got his diagnosis today.

It went about as I expected, though I wasn't prepared for the fact that IQ testing is part of the evaluation process of an older child. I don't put a lot of stock in these tests, but the fact that he is in the superior range mathematically hardly surprised me. He also answered the "do you recognize which is the angry face?" question by giving the ratio of correct answers to incorrect and then deducing the liklihood of his getting the right answer. You just have to laugh at some of the silly stuff Emperor does. Though he was wrong in his analysis; I think he failed that section... that means there was a ZERO in three chance of getting the right answer, boyo...

The hospital staff recommends that we enroll the kid in public school for the free occupational therapy, social skills training and speech therapy. Guess how much of that is happening? Go ahead and give me a ratio of "stuff they expect" to "stuff that's likely to happen."


  1. I love the way they all think that public school is the answer. What a mathematically boy you have there. ;-)

  2. Umm...would that ratio be 0/1? Not sure. Math wasn't my thing. Isn't ridiculous that public school is apparently the only place for kids to get the help they need? You sound okay--hope that's true. Hugs to you!

  3. It's got to be 0:3 right?

    Do I get a cookie?


  4. Oh, the hospital staff, they make with zee funnies ho ho ho ho.
    Seriously, what free therapy?


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