10 August 2010

Emperor is NINE.

Happy Birthday, Emperor!  Emperor has received some books, the replica One Ring on a chain (chain already broken... three hours into birthday time... siiiigh) and his choice of where to eat out.   I haven't bought him any toys because I think he has enough broken ones on hand to last him until Christmas.  Now Emperor is officially halfway grown up. :)


  1. Happy birthday, Emperor!
    Hope the day turned out fabulous for you all :)

  2. Happy birthday! I'm homeschooling two kids, one's is a 5th grade Aspie. Good to find you.

  3. Happy Birthday, Emperor! :-)

  4. Halfway! No! Oh, that breaks my heart a tiny bit.

    The other night, my husband and I were talking and I realized that my son was going to be SIX this year, which means we are already 1/3 of the way to adulthood...and I promptly burst into tears.


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