19 August 2010

Help Your Local Hormonal Man

Support the right of women to "GoTopless."  It really is good for the environment.  Think of all the extra water and detergent that won't have to be used in the laundering process of shirts and brasierres. 

It's natural. 

And it's sexy.  Not every woman should even think of wandering around with her old rumply, saggy raisins in full view of the world.  But robustly round and beautiful but oppressed young women ought to have equal rights with men to um... show whatever it is that God gave 'em. 

And most young men are so, sooo supportive.  Some "take pictures at first, but then they get used to seeing women's bodies and return to normal within an hour," one advocate reported.

An hour.  Do these reporters have editors who know what this um, implies?  And men being "supportive?"  And um... the trend started because of space aliens?

I know, I know.  You're saying, "Mrs. C.  You realllly are quoting some way-off source with all this.  Because no mainstream semi-almost-normal publication is going to show people with 'strategically-placed stickers' and men wearing bras to show the (ahem) restrictions these busty ladies undergo each day."

Do you really want to click the link?  You've been warned.  But it's a pretty mainstream publication, and even allowing for the fact that I got the article from the "weird news" section... it's pretty weird...


  1. Okay, you totally skipped the part about Raelians, ETs and our creation by advanced scientists. So, if science has shown the sun is actually not very good for our work of art body, how do they justify their desire to increase exposure? If they wanted to be true to their beliefs, rather than promoting counter-cultural weirdness, they would be petitioning the court to make everyone cover up.

  2. Hiarlious. And the link sounds tempting... but I'm going to pass this time. [smile]


  3. LOL @ Luke.

    LOL, in general....... that's all.


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