07 August 2010


Woodjie woke up with a fever and a horrible cough.  He'd wet through everything.  I took him potty (he didn't go... sigh) and instead of wandering into the girl's room to get a Pull-Up and waking her, I wiped the kid down with a soapy washcloth and popped some toddler underwear on him.  Then I took him into my bed for warm blondie snuggles.  I'm ok with waking up at 5:30 or 6 if I have to, but not on a Saturday.  I would like to at least rest in the bed until 7 on the weekends.

Poor guy held me, but kept coughing and coughing.  Finally he looked at me, all concerned and pointed to his forehead.  "Ee urt!"  Aww... he has a headache, too.  He was so nice and soft and STILL, though, this morning.  No jumping down the stairs and yelling, "CHAR!" to tell me that he is the Pokemon Charmeleon.  No throwing stuff and screaming, "I choose YOU, Onix!"  Just snuggles.  I felt sorry for him, but I liked the snuggles. He even closed his eyes for a few minutes.

Woodjie is also much more talkative when he's not feeling well.  Today, he let me know that the owl andirons we have near the stove are "Hoothoot" and that he wanted to play with the little people "ouse" with his sister.  The house has a "door" and a "ee-dull" (table) and the Daddy needs to "sit down."  Hey, not nearly the vocabulary one would expect at this age, but for Woodjie, every word is a miracle.  Maybe the fever slowed him down so that he had to talk with boring old Mom.

I've been noticing he no longer draws his letters or talks about them.  Everything is Pokemon.  "Okie-non!" he'll demand after breakfast.  Oh, and you'd beeeeetter let him watch it, too.  He likes to pretend that he is Onix or Charmeleon.  I made the mistake of asking him if he were Charmander and he was quite insulted. 

"Sha-eeen-EN!" he corrected me.  Man, how could I have mixed up Charmander and Charmeleon?  I mean, they're sooo totally different, right?  Really... I can't tell them apart on the Pokemon cards, but all the boys (um, including Woodjie) can.  It's apparently a pretty important distinction.


  1. Oh, poor baby! So awful when they are sick. I hope you don't catch it too - moms are always right in the line of fire for the germs.

  2. Poor Woodjie! I hope he feels better soon and this is an isolated case. This is one time not to share! :)

    Love those cuddles! I am missing mine since Christopher has 2 1/2 feet and 25 lbs of casts going on right now. There is just no way to hold him so that he is comfortable. :( I think I am having a harder time with that than he is. Ha!Ha!

    Anyway - Hugs to all! Sending prayers to keep everybody well.!

    Steph and Christopher

  3. Oh poor Woodjie. Hope he is feeling better real soon. I hate it when they are sick, but do love the extra cuddles!

  4. Poor Woodjie. I hope he feels better soon.

  5. I hope the little guy is feeling better. Having a kid not feeling well at any age is stressy and worrisome, but it's notably worse when they're little.

  6. Give him some OJ, orange juice! And I was a Pokemon fanatic also when I was a kid... so I can somehow relate. Hehehe.

    I hope he gets well soon! =]


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