23 October 2010

Family Photo

My great-great-great grandfather John Barron is on the left.  John was born 1831 in Garryduff, Wexford, Eire and came to US about 1850. He paid the passage for his wife, Margaret, in 1855.  Don't you love looking at old photos?


  1. Aye.. and he looks just like me, right? Has that family 'squint'.....

  2. Love, love old photos. And, it is very cool that you know some of the history behind the photos. After he died, I copied my dad's family tree file. I looked at all these great photos and had no clue who they were. :o(

  3. Yep, I've been looking at the family tree website! The pics are so cute and most of them posed so strangely. You can tell these are people who don't get pics taken often or take pictures often. This looks like a professional job and is an exception. :)

  4. My Mum left the country to live with her boyfriend. She 'dumped' all the old family photos at my house. I am so glad. She was going to chuck them in the trash!
    I love looking through them.

  5. Very eerily cool photo. I don't have a photo like that. I don't know my great great grandparents. =|

    Hey, Mrs. C, I gave you a blog award! Cheers! =]


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