12 October 2010

Hair By Wal-Mart Salon

No.  It's worse than that.  I cut it myself.  I can't STAND going to the hairdresser.  Everything smells all weird and there are people who like to do the chit-chat thing.  I don't know.  I never know what to say to anyone during the chat times and I'm sure I will come across as unfriendly or totally irrelevant/on a tangent.  Then there is the, "Eew, who did your hair?" and "What product have you been using?" questions that usually come up.  Normal people don't call 'em "product."  Half the time I use dish soap in the sink but I don't want to tell them that. 


  1. Great job! You look so chic, dahling.

  2. V. Foxy, Mrs. C.
    I hate how the hair people want to put so many "products" in my hair too. I think the haircut should stand along with out 18 pounds of gel in it. I said that one time to a hairdresser. It was not well received.

  3. Ahhh.. you look so cute!!!

    Everytime I go to a salon they make me feel uncomfortable. I hate getting highlights put it yet I do it and they always give me the look and say "why did you take so long to come in?"

    I want to tell them it's because they can be real snobs at times and I like to avoid them.

  4. "What product have you been using?" questions that usually come up. Normal people don't call 'em "product." Half the time I use dish soap in the sink but I don't want to tell them that."

    That is just classic... Errmmm can't we tell them just to get a reaction??? Mwhahahaha...

    By the way the haircut looks so very cute. I should wander over to yours to get mine done!

  5. My wife has threatened to let me cut my own hair when I ask. But I haven't man-ed up enough try it yet.

    I use baking soda about once a week for my hair. Sometimes I also toss lemon juice on top of that to make it fizz. Science on my head! The baking soda works great to get the grease out.


  6. Beautiful and not a grey hair in sight! *JEALOUS!* I actually have a lady who comes to my house and it doesn't cost any more. She doesn't have any "product" thank goodness, because all of that stuff costs like 5x's more here. She doesn't even charge extra to come to my house. I don't go to a salon for all the same reasons--hate it!

  7. Well, I don't call it 'product', and I don't ask what anyone uses on their hair....frankly, I don't care. :) Most people do cut their own hair from time to time, and men are the worst!

    I think you did just fine, and that's my 'professional' opinion, too. ;)

    And, if you ever have a stylist say 'Ew, who does your hair' you should ALWAYS say, 'Why, I think you did it the last time'. Being humble is a huge part of being professional.

  8. LOL I loooove it... that's a good one!

    Bonnie, it's Revlon ColorSilk #42. I have black and grey hair naturally just like Mrs. Frankenstein.

  9. It's really cute on you! My friend, Sandy, cuts her own hair, and it always looks really darling, too.


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