15 October 2010

"I Crack-Crack!"

I keep telling Elf to QUIT CRACKING HIS FINGERS.  *Crack, crack!* often is heard in our house.  I've gotten all kinds of fidgets to help him, and they seem to decrease this a bit.  Unfortunately, some little girl has figured out that practically dislocating one's fingers WILL get you lots of (negative) attention from Mom.  QUIT IT. 


  1. Oooh! Look at that face!! Just try and stop me, Mom.

  2. Oh, I crack my knuckles and Olivia caught me today. She was mimicking me. I guess I need to quit. I think it might be easier to quit smoking (except that I don't smoke). Girlie is so cute!

  3. look at that expression!! on my :)

    the fingers bent so far made me say 'ouch' !!

  4. Mwa-ha-ha...

    I used to do that. I quit when I was about 22. I was living on my own by then. I wasn't bugging anyone. So, really, what's the point?

    Love the way she is looking at you.

  5. I always crack my fingers, i love doing it before a big test. He passes it out, and if i know im gonna do awesome one it, i crack my fingers at once, in a big, loud *CRACK!!* people stare at me and i smile. As long as i passed that test, im happy, lol. So "Cracking" your fingers is totally normal and, technically, its not fidgeting. I'm the king at fidgeting with things, i fidget ALL THE TIME with whatever is in arms length.


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