06 October 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

"Eee tick-ohs!" Rose kept screaming whenever the goats licked the feed from her hands.

"Heb-bup pockin?"  Yes, three words together.  Mom paid almost $30 for "pockins" today.  And yes, I hebbed him up with his pockin.  And after being such a nice boy for a good part of the trip, *some* child had a horrible temper fit on the tractor ride back to the playground area.  A gang of two-year-old farmer boys finally offered him some clumps of hay and this (amazingly) suddenly calmed him.  Parents were relieved, because we were all stuck on this ride until it got back.  WHY is it that all of us adults couldn't figure out that the solution was giving the kid hay??  I mean, that makes sense...

This is new!  A "music" area with metal cups, pans, spoons and assorted fun stuff.  Noisy but entertaining.

I'm sure everyone at the pumpkin patch thinks THIS child's mom is awful.  He sat two carloads back but STOOD UP, WHOOPED AND RAISED HIS HANDS when the tractor went downhill.  His mom sorta yelled at him a little bit.  Don't do that again, kid.

Pumpkin donuts, soda pop, some chili for an older child who refuses to be pictured, and some popcorn for the egg-allergy boy.  Thank$, Mom!

Another music pic, but I'm too lazy to move the pictures around and risk "losing" some, thus having to reload the whole set.  You'll be ok, seeing the events out of order this time.
PS.  There is a reason why there are no "playground" pictures, and his name is Woodjie.  :)


  1. Oh what lovely photos of the kids... the 'human' ones and the animal ones! lol

  2. Looks like a fun day! I noticed all the kids were in short sleeves too. Perfect pumpkin patch fall weather.

    And, then I remembered last year, on October 6th actually, we had our first snow. We are having a beautiful fall too!

  3. I'm so glad you had a nice day out in the sunshine! :) The kids are so cute. :)


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