05 October 2010

Um... Is This REAL??

The guy who is "interested in most phases of data processing" actually looks very normal.  Most of the other guys are... kinda creepy.  I have to wonder if this is REALLY a 1980's montage of guys looking for dates.  Please tell me we weren't ALL that weird during that decade.  Please?


  1. Ouch.

    Of course, we will look back on this decade and laugh at the clothes, the hair, and the 'isms' and laugh, too. Seeing what influences some today, Marilyn Manson, Kat Von D., Lady Gaga, etc....I'm sure we'll have plenty to laugh at.

    Thanks for the time warp. ;)

  2. I got one for you. Heh heh


  3. My favorite: "What I'm not looking for is some big, overgrown monster that's always thinking about food."


    Is he talking about women or dogs here?!

    Too funny.

  4. LoL! Where do you find these things!

  5. Oh, that was great! hahaha I wonder what the viking-dressed man was hoping to accomplish by wearing that outfit?

  6. Blondee, you're welcome. I think.

    Virginia, Melvin actually seemed like a nice guy and I like bowling! The other guys... prolly not. Used car man is a heart attack waiting to happen!!

    Sue, I thought he was looking for an anorexic chick so he wouldn't have to spend much on their dates at Burger Barn...

    Tracy, I saw a video in the sidebar after another video, and another and another... and I wound up here. I had too much time on my hands this morning, I guess...

    Mama Burke, do you think the Viking thing was sexy? I'm thinking that opera with Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny... he's Elmer. (Bwuumhiwwda, you're so wuv-wee...)

  7. Oh my goodness. It kind reminds me of Love Connection. I used to love that show. I kind of liked the guy looking for a goddess. Particularly liked the chubby guy who said "no fatties...no juanitas...no dopers." What a catch! NOT.

    Too funny. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that today.


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