14 November 2010

Good Samaritan Tip

Well, it wasn't enough to get emergency responders and Good Samaritans leery of helping people in vehicles because they might be playing possum and then try to rob ya.  Now, people should wait until the haz-mat team arrives before opening car doors. 

Want to know why?  It's because people are killing themselves in new and more inventive ways, and you might just die as well if you don't have the proper gear.  I think of all the diabetics and heart attack victims who won't be saved in time now, but we really do need to keep the EMTs safe.  Hopefully with more gear and more training, your average EMT would be able to help you whether chemicals were suspected or not.


  1. I read the article. That is really sad. My sister lives in South Africa and the Emergency response team already comes so slow as it is. It's too bad this kind of problem could slow down our ER team.

  2. Just when you think society can't really stoop much lower, Happy Elf Mom shows you otherwise...

  3. Virginia, that's what I thought. Makes being an EMT even more dangerous than it has to be.

    LOL ohh Blondee, I hate to be a downer! I just saw that and thought it was interesting, if pretty sad. Imagine mixing potions up to kill yourself; you could do something better with a little knowledge of chemistry, yk?

  4. Firefighters in my state were putting out a grass fire on the median. One got hit by a car (probably texting or rubbernecking) . . . sigh.


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