21 November 2010

Not Buying Stupid Stuff.

It looks like if you want to raise your sons the MANLY way, you need this book.  Go look.  See ya in a sec.
So anyway, thousands of people probably have this book on their bookshelves right now.  In fairness, I have no idea what it says.  It might have much wise and sage advice about how to raise our sons in the knowledge and fear of the Lord.  It really might be a powerful, biblically-based book.  Somehow, though, knowing that its author later solicited "services" from a fella on "rentboy," I'm thinking that the "advice" should be taken with an entire bag of salt.

(And then again, who would know better how to avoid the parenting traps that would encourage homosexual behaviour than a closeted homosexual?  Umm, maybe I just don't want to know.  I would prefer just not to dwell on the who's gay and who isn't and focus on Christ.  Jesus is Good all the time, and all of us struggle with something.  And why borrow our troubles when it comes to our children?  Sufficient onto the day is the evil thereof and all that.  I don't exactly live in ignorance, but I also don't check out entire books on my children's "sexual identities."  It just seems creepy to me somehow, even thinking about it.  Eew.)

Obviously the pedophilia book that raised a ruckus on amazon crosses the line no matter where you draw it, but we really need to be discerning in what we buy and who we listen to.  I don't mean "be scared and ask your pastor before checking out any book from the library or making a new friend" sort of discerning.  I mean "discerning" as in using a combination of wisdom, common sense and the Holy Spirit when listening to someone, reading literature, or even just in thinking our own thoughts. 

Just a thought I had in my head this morning that I wanted to share.  God bless.  :)


  1. I got to the *potographed with a male *friend** bit & burst out laughing. As one reviewer said, if you have an appreciation for irony & need a good laugh!

  2. Just came across your blog via a link on Victoria's blog. Looking forward to reading more from you. :)

  3. Oh, Ganeida, what's even funnier (in a very sad way) is the entire website this fellow has about how he NEEDED a "rentboy" to carry his luggage. Hernia surgery, you know.

    I've had a horrid hernia surgery and etc. and I think if I needed assistance with my luggage I wouldn't go to rentboy dot com and look up the... (well, there WERE "reviews" posted and some rather graphic pictures, I kid you not) young men and hire one of them. Eeew eew eew.

    Hi, Blondee! I'm taking up a collection now that my service is over. :)

    Kebeni, hello and welcome!! I'm so appreciative of Veronica's sending you my way.

  4. Yeah, something like that. It never ceases to amaze me just what's out there and what there is a market for.

    E-books don't bother me quite as much because anyone can publish one. But actual bound books that aren't self-published? What are publishers thinking?


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