23 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

You wonder what Polish Pottery and martial arts have to do with one another until you realize that these are Christmas presents. Yep. G is not going to have anything but a sweatshirt to unwrap on Christmas (don't tell! It really is his only gift!) because he's getting Taekwondo lessons. In an extreme violation of my child's privacy, I have allowed his NAME to be boldly written on the blog in full. Yep. There it is in Korean on his uniform - have fun guessing. The instructor must STAND ON A CHAIR so that G can do his kicks properly... he is just that tall. My present is obviously the pottery. I think it goes well with the stuff in the middle I got at Goodwill... but not too matchy-matchy. Emperor looked at all the stuff from the company online and is sad that I did not get an apple baker. (Look at his blog! He's updated his pictures and clever sayings as well!) I had NO idea that he had apple-baking aspirations, or I would have thrown one into my online cart. He carefully researched how to bake the apples and everything. Dear readers, I hope you are having a lovely Christmas season and that next year brings you much happiness, joy and peace. :)


  1. I am sure G will love his present!
    I love the pottery, I have 3 pieces so far.

  2. I too love pottery. I have been buying one or two pieces a monh since last summer. I hope to have a whole set of dishes sometime this summer. I received several pieces for holiday gifts and three gift certificates to my favorite potter.

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  3. Merry Christmas! The pottery is gorgeous. Looks like G loves his gift. Praying all the best for you now and in the new year.

  4. First off, Merry Christmas! I think Christmas is more about the people you have with you (and the great conversations) more then the gifts. Last year, all i cared about was the gifts, mostly, but this year ALL MY BROTHERS and UNCLES and my AUNT and COUSIN (finally) my NEPHEW came over. It was awesome. I love my family soooo much and that was way better then the gifts i got (we celebrated early cuz some people had to leave and work on xmas). So thats why i never try to worry about gifts, you get what you get, haha, and the rest is about family and friends. and pie ... lots of pie! hehehe :P

  5. Woo-hoo! Good for G!! He looks amazing in his outfit, hope he loves the lessons!

    The dinner set is beautiful!

    Merry Christmas my bloggy friend!!

  6. Hi, Chris! Hope your Christmas was great!

    FairyLover, I just bought my set all at once because they had a discount AND free shipping for orders over $100! But this is my birthday present, too... it is expensive. Yet I mean to use it every day. :)

    Bonnie, looks like you had a lovely Christmas, too... :)

    Zach, pressies are fun, too... just saw your facebook status... lol. Very glad all your family was there!! :)

    And Merry Christmas, Blondee!!

  7. Have fun with the martial arts!!! We sure like our Kung Fu around here! :-)


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