17 December 2010

I Don't Care What the Scale Says...

I think my daughter has been losing quite a bit of weight.  She is looking almost waiflike compared to her former self.  If she were a bit pudgier and if she were a boy, she might have had a nice selection of stained-up and dirty-lookin' "Truck and Firefighter" hand-me-downs at this stage of the game.  Bummer for her she has to make do without, eh?


  1. Sounds like girly lucked out. Truck and firefighter jammies, indeed!

  2. What a cutie! My kids favorite clothes are always stained up and dirty looking.

  3. How old was she in the baby photo? That is just over-the top- pudgy, cuteness!

    I love looking at baby photos, I think it's an addiction. Nothing as wonderful as a precious new life.

  4. LOL ... I always knew she would slim down from that gorgeous chubby bubby! She's really adorable.

  5. Hooray for getting new clothes! Being a girl has it advantages, eh?

    Balancing the weight 'issues' is a social conundrum, isn't it?


  6. too cute! i'm guessing she's quite active. ;) our little ones did the same once they started crawling.


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